Convoy of support for Erb Group of Companies’ Founder

By: Jag Dhatt

Baden, ON: On May 1st, a huge convoy of trucks and cars showed their support for Vernon Erb, founder of the Erb Group of Companies.

Vernon Erb was recently diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukemia, in which chemotherapy treatments are not an option.

Katie Erb, Vernon’s granddaughter, said that since there are no options for treatment for this leukemia, her grandfather will stay at home for palliative care. “My grandfather wants to remain with his family at home,” said Erb.

Vernon established his company in 1959 with a single truck, but his company began to expand quickly. Erb began to transport eggs, feed, and soon after, refrigerated items.

Today, Erb Group of Companies has over 1,500 employees, who are in shock after learning of the founder’s failing health. With offices in Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec, the company is well known and respected within the transportation industry.