FMCSA to Create Advisory Board to Increase Ranks of Women


Republican Senator from Kansas, Jerry Moran, is considering legislation that would create an advisory board within the FMCSA focused solely on increasing the ranks of women in the trucking industry.

The “Promoting Women in Trucking Workforce Act,” being crafted by U.S. Senator Moran, says the trucking industry, “should explore every opportunity, including driver training and mentorship programs, to encourage and support the pursuit of careers in trucking by women,” according to a draft of the bill.

Moran’s legislation would require the FMCSA administrator to establish and appoint a five-member “Women in Trucking Advisory Board,” within the agency that “focuses on creating opportunities for women in the trucking industry.”

The board would include one member each from a major trucking company, a non-profit trucking organization, a trucking business association, an independent owner-operator, and a professional drivers’ association.

According to a few statistics cited in the bill, women only hold about 24 percent of all transportation and warehousing jobs and make-up only 6 percent of truck drivers.

Officials within Moran’s office were not able to provide details of when the legislation would be formally introduced.