Humboldt charges laid.


How many among us have screwed up, and we realize we’ve screwed up once the situation we screwed up passes.  Fortunately, we didn’t screw anyone else up that particular time.  We got away with it because it wasn’t our time to screw up in a big way.   

Mr Singh had one of those screw up moments and he just wasn’t lucky enough for it to be just a teaching moment that night in Saskatchewan.  Sixteen people died and 13 seriously injured.    No doubt he is paying a price more than any court can mete out to him and said court will be handing out a very significant punishment at a later date.  The fact he faces 14 years in prison times 29 charges is irrelevant at the moment.  He has lost his career, his income, and his ability to be a productive citizen and by the shear fact of being involved in the Humboldt wreck is totally unhireable ever in the trucking industry 

All we, who have been behind the wheel, can only say is “there, but by the Grace of God go I”.