Texas DPS Employee Accepted Bribes For Issuing Over 200 CDLs


The FBI determined a Texas Department of Public Safety employee accepted bribes and gave out 215 commercial driver’s licenses between June 2017 and June 2019.

The authorities still have not released the name of the employee or the specific DPS location where he worked. 

FBI special agent Monroe Giese, testified Monday at court hearings where he revealed that of the 215 commercial driver’s licenses in question, 197 went to Cuban nationals, 11 to U.S. citizens, one to a Dominican Republic national, one to an Ethiopian, one to an Iraqi, one to a Puerto Rican, one to a Ukraine national and two to Mexican nationals.

“That employee was interviewed and he admitted to accepting bribes to falsely certify that people had passed their skills assessment test, when in fact they had not passed it or hadn’t even shown up for the test,” Giese testified.

The DPS has terminated the employee and is fully cooperating with officials.